BCBSKS Member: Getting Started

Getting Started

For access to valuable tools and resources to enhance your membership with BCBSKS, you will want to establish a BlueAccess® account. You must agree to our BlueAccess® Use Agreement below before setting up a BlueAccess® profile.

* Please note, customers enrolled through the Federal Employee Program (FEP)
will be unable to get personalized information on this site.

	BlueAccess® Use Agreement
	  Unauthorized access to or use of any information or BCBSKS material 
	provided through any BCBSKS Web site is subject to Federal civil and 
	criminal penalties. By registering to use the secure services offered 
	on this Web site, you are agreeing to the following conditions:
	  We provide claim payment and coverage information access only to the 
	primary member whose name and identification number appears on the 
	identification card, including claim payment information for other 
	persons covered under the same membership. The only exception to this 
	rule is for someone who has been authorized by the primary member to 
	act on his/her behalf, as documented by BCBSKS via the Authorization 
	for Release of Protected Health Information (HIPAA form)
	  For additional information, see our Privacy Policy and Legal Notices.
	  If you do not want to accept these conditions of use, please exit 
	the site and contact BCBSKS by telephone, in person or by mail.

By checking this box, I confirm that I am the primary member or have been authorized by the primary member as documented by the completed Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information previously submitted to BCBSKS to act on his/her behalf. I have read and agree to the BlueAccess® Use Agreement for these services. I understand that if I do not agree to these terms, BCBSKS may deny me access to all secure services available now or in the future.

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